Birnberg Preserve

Yesterday I went to take my dog on long walk to do some head clearing. To my surprise, what was JUST the entrance to the Heritage Trail is now also the entrance to a 187-acre nature preserve called Birnberg Preserve. My walk came to a fairly quick end as I had a shaking, 8lb long haired chihuahua who needed to get back but I think walking through here will be a daily ritual for me in 2016.

Emmerich Tree Farm Family Photos

This year I shot family photos for my nephew and my sister in law's sister (is there another term for that?) and her new family! We shot on Emmerich Tree Farm in Warwick, NY. If you are ever in the area - THIS is where you want to get your Christmas Tree.  The property is family owned and absolutely stunning equipped with a fire pit, complementary hot chocolate, and more! Check them out . My nephew has brought an unimaginable amount of joy into my life. Bringing him here was an hour long chase through christmas trees but seeing the smile on his face in these images was well worth it. 

Nicole + Shawn's Vintage Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a vintage themed wedding in Milford, PA. I've always had an affinity for things pre 1960's. Maybe it's because of my grandmothers stories or that her house in the Bronx hasn't changed a stitch in DECADES. (That'll be another blog post - plastic covered couches and all.) Anyways, Nicole had such great attention to detail with the decor - it was very authentically vintage - not tchotchke (The internet tells me that's how you actually spell chach-ki) so it was a dream to photograph!


Great American Weekend

Took my nephew to a local street fair in upstate New York this past weekend. Watching his face light up like this was absolutely incredible.